Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rates given by Prime Trust competitive with other cambios?

Not only are they competitive, they are the best within the industry and it is not uncommon to hear, “You always have the highest rate, even if it’s one cent more.” Our customers, particularly our repeat customers – and they are, indeed, a multitude – have come to realize we always have the best rates (highest when you are selling; the lowest when you are buying), so much so, that they have stopped checking around and comparing. They just head straight to one of our many locations.

What do I need to bring to change money at your cambio?

As part of Bank Of Jamaica guidelines we are required to ask you for a valid identification. Either of the following must be provided. 1) Valid Driver’s License 2) Valid Passport 3) Valid Jamaican Electoral Identification 4) Valid Foreign Identification Card. We are mandated to keep a copy of the ID presented.

What is meant by Source Of Funds?

This question is asked to find out the origin of how you obtained the cash your currently changing. In other words, what did you have to do to get this cash.

Why do I need to provide a Source Of Funds?

This information is required by the Laws Of Jamaica and as such you will be required to explain, and in some instances provide proof, to our teller how you obtained the money. If you purchase/sell the equivalent of One Thousand United Stated Dollars (USD 1,000.00) or more the source of funds will be required. You may also be required to provide source of funds if you are a frequent customer whose transactions accumulate to over USD 1000.00 in a short time period.

If I have sizeable amounts of money to change can I negotiate with Prime Trust?

Some cambios will negotiate, many will not – particularly where the business is heavily centralized and rates are set at a corporate level. Even if they can, it takes an unreasonable amount of time to receive a reply. Prime Trust will not only negotiate, but each branch has a high degree of autonomy/independence, so that they can make timely and hard-to-beat responses. We want your business and we will do whatever it takes to get it.

What is needed to send/receive money through MoneyGram

You are required to walk with one of the following identifications to collect.
– Valid Drivers License
– Valid Passport
– Valid Jamaican Electoral ID
– Valid Foreign Identification Card
Your TRN must be presented for all MoneyGram transactions. An exception to the TRN rule will only be made for foreign identification. You are also required to provide the reference number when receiving money as this is the only way to find your transaction.

** Two valid identifications plus a Utility Bill showing the address of the sender/receiver are needed if the transaction is over USD 1,000.00 . You will also be required to state the “source of funds” **

How much can I send/receive through MoneyGram

At Prime Trust, there is no limit to how much you can receive or send. We are quick to honour all amounts, regardless of how much or even how little. You are neither too big nor too small to deal with. We respect and value everyone.

** Regrettably, due to the Lotto Scam, we will only be able to process one MoneyGram transaction per day per customer. Simply put, if you have two transactions to receive/send we will only be able to honor one transaction for that business day. **

Can I open a Quik & EZ location of my own?

Yes you can! Simply click on this link and fill out the form. We will contact you and arrange to do a site inspection. If we are satisfied you can be up and running in no time.