About Quik & EZ

Quik & EZ brand was established in September 2011 and has since been overwhelmingly embraced by the Jamaican populace. This has been mainly so because of our $25 dollar (inclusive of GCT) per bill service fee. With Quik & EZ, its half the price of our competitors to pay your JPS, NWC, LIME, FLOW, DIGICEL, CLIQ, KING ALARM, SAGICOR & LASCO LOAN bills. In these harsh economic times person’s are always seeking to find the most cost effective yet efficient way to conduct their business and Quik & EZ has been the choice. We have over 130 active locations and are seeking new locations.


Interested in becoming a franchisee? Here are a few of the requirements:

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Signed Contract
  • Annual Franchise Fee
  • Copy of Company TRN, Certificate of Incorporation &┬áDirector’s ID’s
  • Register with the Registrar of Companies as a Quik & EZ franchisee
  • A computer (preferably windows 7 with 4GB ram and dual core processor)
  • Internet Access (minimum 2 Mbps connectivity speed)
  • Printers


Some of the benefits to becoming a franchisee are

  • Minimal space required to operate
  • Increased foot traffic into business premises, thereby increasing product awareness resulting in increased sales
  • Additional revenue
  • Bill payment tends to be recession proof


If you are interested in a franchise please fill out and submit the form below.

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Prospective Location Address?

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Prospective Opening Hours?

Is this location in a plaza?

Is this location on the ground floor?

Will bill payment be the only business in the store?

If no please state the nature of other business to
be present inside store.

Would you open on Sundays?