About Prime Trust Cambio

Prime Trust is a family owned company, operating in the cambio, remittance, and bill payment arena. Prime Trust has always been Bank Of Jamaica (BOJ) approved since our inception in 1995. During that period, as part of this approval process, Prime Trust has undergone formal biannual inspection and audit as well as constant monitoring by the Central Bank. Prime Trust is proud to point to its growth in size and stature as evidence of its recognition as a household name.

At Prime Trust, we are accustomed to hearing all the bad experiences individuals who come into our branches have to tell about other cambio, remittance, and bill payment companies. It is not surprising since the outlets are agents or subagents of the parent company. For many, it is just a sideshow with the main attraction being a supermarket, hardware store or even a bank. At Prime Trust it is our ONLY business and we have to be the best at what we do. We offer the best rates, the most courteous, efficient and speedy service, and always with you, our valued customers in mind. Try us, you’ll see!

Prime Trust’s mission is to be in the forefront of financial institutions serving Jamaica and the wider caribbean. Prime Trust seeks to offer to the vast majority of the general public therein, the most desired financial products, competitively using state of the art technology and know how, always with their interest and common good in mind.