Welcome to Prime Trust Financial Corporation Ltd.


Cambio services offered for 5 major currencies

             – United States Dollar
             – Great Britain Pounds
             – Canadian
             – Euro
             – Cayman Dollar

Customers may purchase or sell any of these currencies via any of the following methods:

             – Cash
             – JamClear-RTGS
             – Wire Transfer
             – Bank Draft
             – Manager’s Cheque

We have opened over 100 convenient Quik & EZ locations island wide. Pay any of the following bills for only $25 per bill:

             – Jamaica Public Service (JPS)
             – Lime
             – National Water Commission (NWC)
             – FLOW
             – Digicel
             – KingAlarm
             – CLIQ
             – Sagicor
             – Lasco Loans

You can send and receive money through at all of our Cambio locations and at most Quik & EZ locations.

Digital Signage

Need to advertise?

We have installed Televisions at selected high traffic locations to get your message out. Just send us your flyer or video and we can have it stream at a selected location or across our entire network for the month. Introductory rates are as low as JA$4,500 for 2 weeks.

Quik & EZ Bill Pay

Quik & EZ Bill Pay is a subsidiary of Prime Trust Financial Corporation Ltd. that charges JMD$25.00 (inclusive of GCT). This is the CHEAPEST of all payment agencies; all charging JMD$50.00 and up.

Find a location nearest you.

How to become a Quik & EZ Franchisee


There is no limit to the amount we payout or send through MoneyGram. Click on the link below to find out the cost to send money.